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Preserving the Most Valuable: Metinvest Spends UAH 15 Million for Tactical Medicine Development

Since 2022, the PULSE Charity Foundation has conducted training in tactical medicine for 25,000 military personnel in Ukraine. Thanks to the financial support of donors, including Metinvest Group, the training is free of charge. Over the course of cooperation under Rinat Akhmetov's Steel Front military initiative, the company spent almost UAH 15 million for this purpose.

The PULSE Charity Foundation was established at the onset of the full-scale invasion to save the lives of the Ukrainian Defence Forces. To this end, the mission of the organisation is to promote the development of tactical medicine, including training. As a reliable pillar of the state in times of the war, Metinvest supports this initiative and provides financial assistance to the PULSE Foundation.




PULSE cooperates with 100 military units and institutions on an ongoing basis. Since 2022, 25,000 Ukrainian defenders have been trained in tactical medicine. The organisation is an authorised training centre of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (USA).


All funds are applied towards organisation of training. First of all, this allows to provide the facilities and resources for the training: quality materials to practice skills, logistics, and payment for instructors' services. To date, Metinvest has spent almost UAH 15 million to support this matter of great importance.

Voices that speak of important things

To spread knowledge of tactical medicine among current and future military personnel and reservists, PULSE also initiated the Voices of Tacmed video project. It involved Ukrainian artists – actors, singers, and presenters. Each of them voiced a video about critical skills and concepts of tactical medicine, so that rescue could speak in voices that are hard to not know.

Partners of the Voices of Tacmed project are the Podil Theatre and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

During the presentation of the project, to which the Foundation's partners were invited, PULSE co-founder Fedir SERDIUK stressed the need for systematic development of tactical medicine:

– We are working with the Ministry of Defence, with every type and branch of the armed forces to develop the capabilities of tactical medicine. But even with all possible actions – training, development of training centres, blood transfusions, etc. – We will not solve the issue of tactical medicine unless we win the battle inside each person. This project is about that. I am grateful to all those who have lent us their voices, which are recognisable to millions, in order to reach not only the minds but also the hearts of Ukrainians. With this project, we are saying: make tactical medicine a part of your life, let it into your information space, – he said. 

Among the guests of the first series of videos are actors Bohdan Beniuk, Viacheslav Dovzhenko, Dasha Malakhova, Anna Salivanchuk and Mykhailo Kukuiuk, presenters Olena Kravets and Anatolii Anatolich, and vocalist of the Bez Obmezhen band Serhii Tanchynets. The authors plan to continue filming with other famous Ukrainians in the future.

The full playlist of the Voices of Tactical Medicine video project is available on the PULSE YouTube channel.