Stories of survivors 1/11/2023 Read 4 min

Olha Filipenko: «The war has zeroed everything we had; yet we have our lives, therefore, we will have everything else»

Finding herself under a hail of rockets in Volnovakha, Olga Filipenko immediately realized that she had to save her children and take them to a safe place. The woman had not expected such a brutal offensive of the enemies, although, living between Donetsk and Mariupol since 2014, she had known what the military aggression of the Russians was.

Her path to safety was long and difficult, but already in Zaporizhzhia she achieved her goal - her children are not under massive rocket fire, but together with her on a walk, tasting sweets that she received with a humanitarian set within the Saving Lives project.

Olga does not know for sure what will happen next. The only thing she is sure of is victory. And after that, together with her sons, she wants to live, work and rebuild the quiet and peaceful life they had before the full-scale invasion.