Metinvest's Cars 1/11/2022 Read 3 min

Metinvest Invests in the Revamping of the Phenol and Naphthalene Production Car Fleet of AKKhZ

A modern single-bucket front skidsteer Bobcat S530 was purchased for the phenol and naphthalene production of AKKhZ. Metinvest had allocated UAH 2.4 mln for the car fleet revamping.

The skidsteer is small and compact, but at the same time manoeuvrable and efficient. Owing to the technical capabilities the machine can be used at small areas, as well as on roadless terrain. Despite the small size, the equipment can perform quite a lot of production tasks.

Specialists note, that the availability of the full-colour display facilitates monitoring and control over equipment functioning. High-quality sealing and noise insulation, as well as the cabin fitting with an air temperature control allows to work on the skidsteer with comfort in all seasons.

The new equipment is arranged to be used for cleaning and improving the enterprise premises. Owing to the power broom the machine can not only load garbage, but also brush roads. In winter the skid steer will clean snow. The machine will also be used for pothole filling to dismantle the old asphalt coating. Previously all these works were performed manually. The new skidsteer will lighten the enterprise employees' work and increase the works efficiency.