Modernization 10/29/2021 Read 4 min

The Sinter Machine #2 Has Finished to Be Reconstructed at Ilyich Steel

The project on revamping the Sinter Machine #2 has been finished at Ilyich Steel.It took the repair 25 days to last.More than UAH 175 mln were invested in the broad-scale revamping of the unit. 

During the revamping and repairs of the equipment at the Sinter Machine No.2 of Ilyich Steel the pallet cars were completely replaced.In the meantime the minimum height of a sintered layer was changed by increasing thereof by 70 mm. Now it amounts to 420 mm. 

A new casing for the exhauster to provide effective cleaning of process gases, formed when sintering burden, was installed.

In order to protect the gas-and-dust manifold steelwork from abrasive wear, the lining thereof was replaced.For this purpose modern body, which previously approved itself when lining gas flues of the gas exhaust duct of the sinter machine, was used.

— Alexander ANANEV, Head of Sintering Division of MMKI's Sinter Plant.

The revamping also involved other assemblies and parts of the unit.Including, the ignition hearth design was revamped in liaison with the energy service company YASNO Efficiency - ten gas burners were installed in place of four.The distance between the burners location and burden sintering layer was also reduced, that enabled to decrease the natural gas flow rate by 26%.

— Such revamping of the second sinter machine equipment will suffice till the next major overhaul. That is four years of reliable and smooth operation,— emphasized Alexander ANANEV.

Total investments for the Sinter Machine No.2 reconstruction amounted to UAH 175.6 million. 160 mln thereout were invested in the major overhaul of the unit and UAH 15.6 mln were the investments in the implementation of the energy service project by the company YASNO Efficiency.

It is worth reminding, that last year the largest environment project not only in the history of the iron and steel works and METINVEST Group, but in the history of Ukraine - reconstruction of the aspiration systems of the sinter plant of the enterprise was finished.A two stage cleaning system was introduced at the sinter plant, which consists of gang cyclones, providing the capture of coarse dust and bag filters, where finer additional cleaning takes place.This system also makes it possible to clean sintering off-gases as well as from sulphur compounds.The implementation of this project makes it possible to reach dust concentration in cleaned sintering gases of values, which are substantially lower, than standard values, applicable in Ukraine.