CSR 4/2/2024 Read 4 min

Plant games: Zaporizhstal participates in an educational and career project for youth

Students from different regions of Ukraine will work on real cases of large-scale production.

Ukrainian students of engineering, agriculture and industrial specialities are participating in UGEN's Plant Games 7.0 project, which provides youth with a detailed insight into the work of large-scale production facilities, social policy and career opportunities. In particular, the students got acquainted with the work of Zaporizhstal, which also joined the educational project.

At the beginning, all participants attended a series of webinars where leading experts from various industries spoke about the work of Ukrainian production sites. Mykola Petryakov, Zaporizhstal Engineering Director, and Oleg Donets, the youth leader, informed the project participants about Zaporizhstal and Metinvest operation during rf's full-scale invasion in Ukraine, challenges they face, solutions they find, and the role of young professionals in these processes.

– Actually, this has always been the case: hopes for a better future – innovative, conscious, prosperous – were placed on the youth. Today's Ukrainian youth is a generation of creators, a generation of rebirth, which will be actively involved in restoring and rebuilding the Ukraine of the future after our victory. After all, energy, ingenuity, and open-mindedness are the distinctive features of young and ambitious Ukrainians. Last year, Zaporizhstal celebrated its 90th anniversary, but today, just like many decades ago, it is young people who are driving forward changes at the enterprise.

Zaporizhstal and Metinvest are open to young people, as the Works has become a starting point for thousands of young talented metallurgists, engineers and managers. We have focused our work with youth on creating conditions for their professional fulfilment, growth and education," Mykola PETRYAKOV told the webinar participants.

In the future, the participants who chose Zaporizhstal's case study will work in teams, write and present their own projects to attract young people to work in the steel industry.

– The task that we see as important both for our company's operations, and the country's reconstruction is to encourage young people to work at Ukrainian steelmaking enterprises as a tool for reviving the country's economy. Ukraine needs and will need professional, competent, educated specialists who will be involved in the state restoration in all areas. Therefore, we are interested to hear from youth – what motivates them to stay in Ukraine and involve their talents in the process of reviving the country," added Oleg DONETS, leader of Zaporizhstal's youth organisation.

In addition to Metinvest, ВAT, MHP, Khlibprom, and Kernel joined the Plant Games this season.