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Volunteering 1/12/2023 Read 5 min

Falling in Love with Metallurgy: Employee from Zaporizhzhia Chose His Career from Young Age

The employee of Zaporizhstal told where he finds his pillar during the war.

During the full-scale invasion, some employees of Metinvest Group's Zaporizhstal went to war, and some are holding the economic frontline at the enterprise, bolstering the country's defence capability. One of the specialists who contributes to the support of Ukraine's economy is Dmytro Savoshchenko, the operator of the control post in the hot rolling shop.

Dmytro started working at the iron and steel works in 2010, right after graduating from a metallurgical college. And for the first time he went to the steelworks as a child, when his farther took him to work.

"My grandfather worked at Zaporizhstal in the sinter shop, my father - in the hot rolling shop as an electrical fitter, my mother works in the laboratory. We have a whole dynasty of Zaporizhstal workers, so we can say that I followed in my father's footsteps.

I first visited Zaporizhstal when I was about 10 years old -  my father once took me to work and showed me his shop. Then I was very impressed by a red-hot strip of metal. And still, after so many years of work, this sight does not leave me indifferent," Dmytro said. "In 2006, I entered the metallurgical college, in 2009, I had an apprenticeship in the hot rolling shop. I really liked it, so after graduation I got a job here. And I have been working as a mill control post operator for over 12 years."

On the occasion of the iron and steel works' birthday, Dmytro Savoshchenko was awarded with Zaporizhstal's certificate of achievement. He pointed out that it was very pleasant to receive such an award, it motivates him to work at his best. 

"My work duty is high-quality coiling of hot-rolled coils. I also monitor the equipment settings to detect defects in time and prevent breakdowns. It is quite a difficult job, but after so many years I can it do it with my eyes closed," Dmytro said.
The specialist says, he has started to appreciate his work even more after the full-scale war broke out. This is his pillar in difficult times.

"My job is my pillar. Many of my colleagues are now defending our country on the frontline.  And we are holding the economic frontline here at the enterprise. We support the economy of the country, we support the military. This is our contribution to the common victory, which we are looking forward to," said Dmytro SAVOSHCHENKO.