Technics 1/17/2023 Read 5 min

CG "Pokrovske" completes installation and commissioning of new equipment

The new equipment was delivered before the war. However, it has not yet been put into operation. Now two BPR drill loaders have already been sent to help tunnelers.

For safety reasons, the drill loaders manufactured by Kharkiv Machine-Building Plant "Svitlo Shakhtaria" were disassembled into their main components and sent for storage in Dnipropetrovsk Region. Later, it became clear that the situation at the front allowed for full-time operation, which means we shall increase the mining rate, as the country really needs coal for the defence.

- We received these drill loaders on December 29, the eve of 2022. The tunnellers were eagerly awaiting the new equipment, so our specialists assembled one of them immediately and sent it to the mine. Unfortunately, the war broke out and we had to make a decision about the safety of the equipment. For some time, the drill loaders were in the shop, and then they were sent for storage, - Andriy KRAVCHENKO, head of the RZO-2 shop, says.

Andriy Mykolaiovych also notes that the multifunctional tunneling machines are fundamentally different from their outdated predecessors in terms of technical characteristics. This allows the equipment to be used more efficiently. The machines are easy to maintain, which will speed up maintenance and repairs when needed in the future.

- The new equipment is equipped with a feeder based on the 1P110 combined machine system, which will ensure more reliable operation. The undercarriages have been improved, and now they have hydraulic drives. This will allow us to use the machines in watered faces and not worry about their failure, - Aleksander CHURA, foreman of RZO-2 shop, says.

The drill loaders have already been transferred to the PR-3 section to Vladimir Kabanets' team. They will be used at the downcast ventilating shaft of block 6/1. This section of the mine field has a complex mining and geological trouble with a large gas emission, so it is impossible to carry out tunneling operations using a conventional combined machine.

- Currently, the team is preparing to cross the geological trouble.   This means that they will use the drilling and blasting method, which involves shock blasting. The drill loaders are designed to ensure the safety of mining operations. After passing the trouble, we will start cutting new longwalls at Block 1, which is necessary to increase coal production, - Mykola VORONKOV, head of the preparatory work section No. 3 says.

– The purchase of new multifunctional tunnelling machines is one of the programs aimed not only to facilitate the work of tunnellers but also to increase coal production to 8 million tons in 2022. Despite the difficulties of the war period, the mine has resumed the preparation of new workings, so mining equipment will be needed. The mechanical engineering function assembled, checked and sent the machines to help the tunnellers as soon as possible,– Vitaly SYTENKO, Deputy Chief Mechanic Engineer of CG "Pokrovske". 

In turn, Denis BONDAR, Deputy Chief Engineer of CG "Pokrovske" says: 
– The new equipment was purchased to meet the annual increase in mining rates. Due to the war we had to postpone its use and leave the development of new workings for better times. But the situation has shown that the country needs coal now more than ever before. We are currently preparing the drill loaders for use at one of the most difficult mining sites. After some time, we will be able to talk about their efficiency.