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Career 1/25/2023 Read 5 min

Nadiia Vidiaeva: "Working at Kamet Steel is a reliable point of support in my life"

Nadiia Vidiaeva, a hardworking crane operator, has been working at Kamet Steel for several years. Her reliable friend and assistant in her work is a grab crane. And the fragile girl skillfully operates this mighty giant.

Almost seven years have passed since Nadiia joined the team of the Coke Recovery Shop, where she works as a crane operator in the ammonium sulfate warehouse. But she still has fond memories of that nerve-wracking first day at work.

– My debut was really an adrenaline rush. Unwrapping the ammonium sulfate with a crane and forming the right stack, and then loading it into railcars without making a mistake seemed like a daunting task to me at the time. My knees even trembled with excitement. But later, I mastered the skills of driving thanks to my colleague Tatiana Dvoretska, who became a wise mentor for me and taught me how to work as a crane operator. After all, a grab crane is like a living organism that needs to be felt, known and understood. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Sometimes I ship up to 70 tons of cargo in one shift. And I always work with pleasure. My job is a reliable point of support in my life, - the specialist says.

Nadiia is also a caring wife and mother of two children, and at work she is a people and sociable person. For this, she is immensely appreciated and adored by her colleagues.