Digest 1/21/2024 Read 5 min

Metinvest is Ukraine's Pillar: Highlights for 15 – 21 January

Step by step, we are getting closer to victory. Amid the full-scale war, Metinvest Group continues to be a reliable pillar for the country and its citizens. The company sends equipment, ammunition, and steel products to the front line. It delivers humanitarian aid to civilian communities. It takes care of its employees and implements a programme for the reintegration of war veterans. At the same time, Metinvest ensures that its businesses operate to support the national economy. 

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Metinvest launches production of underground command posts for the Defence Forces




Metinvest paid 14.6 billion in taxes to Ukraine's budget in 2023 




Northern GOK' utilities team eliminate almost 60 emergency outages in a week




Metinvest Polytechnic's team holds a strategic meeting to improve academic processes  




Kamet-Steel's professionals complete a major overhaul of coke oven battery  № 5




14 new products launched by Zaporizhstal's steelmakers in 2023  




Another batch of drones and special equipment donated by Metinvest to the Ukrainian armed forces




More than 50 shelters equipped by Metinvest Kryvyi Rih for employees and residents of the city