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"Everyone in this war must do his/her best – and more – for Ukraine's victory"

The defender of Ukraine from Zaporizhstal has been at the front for two years.

In the summer of 2022, Dmytro, who had been working at Zaporizhstal for 10 years, voluntarily joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And now the brave soldier who uses the call sign "Malchik" is defending the Ukrainian people from the occupiers in the Donetsk sector.

“My grandmother worked at the enterprise, and now my uncle and aunt continue to work there. It was my decision to go into metallurgy, even though my medical parents saw me as the successor to a medical dynasty. The plant was my first job, and right after graduation from the institute I worked for a while in the blast furnace shop, first as a casting machine operator and then as a foreman. Before joining the defence forces, I worked in the HR department,” says Dmytro.

In July 2022, the Zaporizhstal employee became a volunteer and began his career in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“I was trained in the UK, and at first I performed combat missions as a grenade launcher firer, and later I adjusted the artillery. I studied to become a combat medic, took drone control courses - in general, there are a lot of educational projects for the military.

“Now I am responsible for communications in an airborne assault brigade. This is a very responsible job, because without communication it is almost impossible to defeat the enemy or take advantageous positions without losses,” said Dmytro.

Dmytro recalls how he decided to leave the steel industry and go to defend his homeland without waiting for a conscription notice.

“Another massive shelling of a Ukrainian town two years ago became a driving force for me, a kind of trigger. I saw the news about a child who was killed and decided that I had to protect my family whatever the cost may be.

My wife and daughter supported me. We miss each other very much, but we all understand why I am doing this,” the soldier recalls.

The most flash point areas along the contact line are the locations of Dmytro's brigade. For almost two years of service, the defender has performed combat missions in the south and east of Ukraine.

“Our brigade is airmobile. We are always in the midst of the enemy's strongest attacks. A symbolic date for me is 24 August, the Independence Day of Ukraine. It was on this day that I was assigned to my brigade from the training centre. So, this is my symbol of the close victory. My comrades and I went through the entire Kherson sector, and I was injured in the Donetsk sector, but I recovered quickly enough.

In 2023, I was already preparing for a counter-offensive in the Zaporizhzhia sector with my brigade. And now we are holding the defence in the east. Russian attacks and offensives do not stop, but we are holding on and doing everything we can to prevent the occupiers from entering deeper into Ukraine,” says Dmytro.

Dmytro's family supports the soldier and waits for his return, as are his colleagues at Zaporizhstal.

“It is difficult to talk about what will happen after the Victory. I know one thing: we will be on the winning side. I wish my fellow steel makers and all of us patience and inspiration. After all, a reliable rear and support is a step towards the long-awaited peace on the free Ukrainian land. Each of us has found their place in this war and is doing our best,” added Dmytro.