Modernization 1/10/2022 Read 4 min

Compressor Station Overhauled at Azovstal

A major overhaul of compressor station no. 3 has been completed in the Heat and Power Shop of Azovstal Steel Plant of Metinvest Group. The station provides the units of the BOF Shop with dried air with the appropriate parameters. During the repair work, the key components of the compressor station were restored – drying devices, as well as the second compressor. Total investments amounted to UAH 7.4 million.  

Work on the second compressor was carried out without stopping the production process. The contractor repaired the intercoolers, replaced the main oil pump coupling, V-rings, oil mist ejector, steam traps, and adjusted pressure, temperature and vibration sensors. 

The effectiveness of the work carried out is to ensure trouble-free, continuous operation of the equipment, which is the key point. Replacing steam traps will reduce compressed air losses. 

— Artem SIVAKOV, foreman of the Azovstal Heat and Power Shop.  

Repairs were carried out one by one on the first and second drying devices. In the course of the work, the specialists replaced and adjusted temperature sensors, flange heaters, temperature transmitters, dew points and rotary pneumatic valves.