Products 11/12/2021 Read 4 min

Azovstal Develops New Types of Steel Products for Ukraine and the EU Countries

Azovstal Iron & Steel Works of Metinvest Group continues developing new types of steel products to meet high customer requirements. In October, Azovstal product mix was extended to include four new types of products manufactured to special orders. Azovstal plate will be used for construction of the bridge across the Dnipro River in Kyiv. 

Slabs with adjusted chemical analysis were produced in Azovstal BOF Shop for a customer in Belgium to meet the requirements for the content of non-ferrous additives, while some material was produced with low nitrogen content. 

Two steel grades - Grade 2626 and Grade 1611 - with lower content of silica and carbon were produced by BOF Shop specialists for a company from the Republic of Finland. To reduce silica to 0.05%, Azovstal specialists modified not only the chemical analysis of metal but also developed a new production method.   

In the Plate Shop, a new chemical composition was developed and new heat treatment modes were selected to ensure certain mechanical properties and other parameters of rolled steel. Steel plates of S420NL grade for construction of the Podol bridge in Kyiv have copper content of 0.4%-0.5% according to the customer's requirements to increase corrosion resistance.     

Development of new types of products, modernization of production facilities and improvement of professional skills of our workers help maintain the leading positions in the global steel market and continue growing.

— Dmitriy ZOTOV, Azovstal Director for Technology and Quality.

It's worth noting that Azovstal of Metinvest Group has developed 19 new types of products year-to-date for their customers world-wide.