Modernization 1/10/2022 Read 4 min

Capital Modernization of Azovstal Mixer Completed

An investment project to replace the casing of mixer No. 2 was completed in the BOF Shop of Azovstal Iron & Steel Works of Metinvest Group. The new structure is made of a stronger steel grade, is improved and meets all process conditions. The project investments totalled UAH 254.4 mln. 

The implementation of the project began in 2019, after the design stage in the mixing department of the Azovstal BOF Shop, the old equipment and the old mixer casing were dismantled, and the foundation of the unit was overhauled.  

The new mixer casing was delivered to the workshop in mid-2020, and its installation lasted nine months. In addition to the mixer casing, modern mechanical, electrical and power equipment, instrumentation and an automated process control system were installed. 

— The entire operational system of the mixer is improved. The rack mechanism is upgraded, which allows you to tilt the mixer to a greater angle without the risk of damaging the rack mechanism. Due to the new system for determining the angle of inclination of the unit, it is possible to determine the amount of remaining hot metal in the mixer as accurately as possible. As a result of the replacement of the tilt electric drive, an operator sees the state of the electrical circuit and each element in it on the control panel, which allows him to clearly understand the ongoing process, — Alexander DEGTYARENKO, Leading Engineer for the reconstruction of the Azovstal BOF Shop.