Humanitarian aid 5/9/2023 Read 5 min

Zaporizhstal Implements a Program to Support Employees Whose Houses Were Damaged by Enemy Shelling

At Zaporizhstal Steel Works of Metinvest Group, a program for the initial restoration of workers’ houses damaged by enemy attacks has been developed and is in operation. So far, the amount of financial assistance provided has exceeded UAH 1.2 million.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia has suffered from enemy shelling. The energy, social and residential infrastructure of the city, in particular the housing of employees of Zaporizhstal and other Metinvest enterprises, is being destroyed. In order to support workers whose houses were significantly damaged by rocket attacks, the Steel Works implemented a housing restoration program. The employee calls are received with a specially created internal hotline, which has been operating since the first days of a full-scale invasion.

Zaporizhstal Steel Works is, first of all, not units and machines, but a team of several thousand people who live and work in the city. We are Zaporizhzhia and our houses, like many citizens, also suffer from enemy attacks. First of all, the Steel Works’ emergency repair crews helped in the initial repair. Subsequently, the support program was expanded to provide financial assistance for the reconstruction of settlements. Currently, almost 100 employees of Zaporizhstal and other Zaporizhzhia enterprises of Metinvest are receiving help from the company,” said Roman Slobodyaniuk, General Director of Zaporizhstal.

Depending on the degree of destruction in apartments and private houses, workers carry out dismantling and replacement of damaged elements of the roof, window and door blocks, plastering works of various levels of complexity, cosmetic repairs, etc. In addition to assistance in restoring housing, if necessary, employees have the opportunity to live free of charge at Metinvest’s social facilities in Zaporizhzhia.