Modernization 3/1/2023 Read 3 min

Complex repair in a short time

The team of the face equipment repair station No. 2 of the "Colliery Group "Pokrovs'ke" completed the major overhaul of the KSP-42 machine


Roadheader is a complex of heavy-duty face equipment designed for horizontal and inclined mine working. When it's time for a major overhaul, the actuator with the cutting head, the oil station, the running gear, the scraper conveyor, and the conveyor belt loader shall be hauled up to the hills.

The scope of work is large, and repairs shall be carried out in a short time. The drivage rate is increasing because coal is necessary for victory. To pave the way for black gold and establish new faces, the face equipment shall work efficiently. The entire team of the shop takes care of the matter. There is no such specialist in RZO-2 who would not be involved in the repair of the roadheader.

- Before the war, during major repairs, we did core-assembly installation. The new main units were delivered to the Colliery Group from the manufacturing plants, says Oleksandr Novozhilov, deputy foreman of the RZO-2 section. - A lot of plants have stopped working, so sometimes it is necessary to carry out restoration work in the shop. Welding and turning shops help with the manufacturing of the necessary spare parts.




The weight of one KSP-42 roadheader is 70 tons, and together with conveyors - 90 tons


Oleksandr is an experienced repairman. He has been working in a colliery group for over 20 years. He started with tunnelling works, then moved to the surface and now he does not operate, but repairs face equipment. During the years of work, he learned to find solutions for the most challenging tasks. He says that any repair can be done, it's just a matter of time.



Maksym Naumenko, an electrical fitter, and Ihor Shendzemyash, a repairer, were engaged in the repair of the machine's actuator. Maksym admits that the most difficult thing is always to repair the second gear. Because during the work, it is necessary to run the unit through the seats several times and install the bearing and the gear.

- Under normal conditions, according to the documents, the repair of the machine's actuator is carried out in five shifts. But in wartime, it happens twice as fast, because you can't delay, face equipment is necessary for tunnelling works, - says Maksym Naumenko.

Maksym joined the colliery group immediately after graduating from the professional lyceum and has been working here since 2001. His partner, Ihor Shendzemyash, has devoted most of his professional experience to mining and knows mining technology perfectly. In total, his work experience is 30 years, the last eight years as a repairman in a shop. Such a tandem is not afraid of even the most challenging repairs.

Andriy KRAVCHENKO, Head of RZO-2 section:

- Our section specializes in the repair of tunneling equipment. On average, the team can repair and assemble 10-12 machines per year. Currently, the shaft crews are moving to new areas, so the face equipment is being hauled up to the hills. Before starting the machine operation in another point of the mine field, it shall be carefully checked and, if necessary, replaced the main units. Previously, such work was carried out in the plants, but military conditions dictated their own rules. We cannot spend too much time on this, so we repair equipment in the shop. Due to a united team, multi-ton machines come to life in the shortest possible time.