Career 2/15/2024 Read 5 min

Olga Kalcheva: "I appreciate Kamet-Steel for its stability and friendly team"

"Production is a purely male business" – this is a deep-rooted gender stereotype that the women of Kamet-Steel are challenging. Representatives of the "fairer" sex prove that with their determination and diligence, women at a large enterprise can deliver outstanding results, become sought-after and valuable employees and, alongside men, keep the country's economic frontline strong.

Today's story is about Olha KALCHEVA, a chemical solution preparation operator in the desulphurisation shop.

She joined Kamet Steel a year ago on the advice of her friend and in this short time has mastered this critical profession to perfection. Today, her responsibilities include monitoring the pumping equipment and its correct operation, which is important for the entire production process. Olha monitors the temperature of the water, controls its supply to the heat exchangers, as well as the supply of chemicals

for the downstream coke oven gas purification process. She takes great care of the equipment, and she also appreciates her colleagues, with whom she feels comfortable at work.

Although Olha hasn't been working at Kamet Steel for long, she is glad she has successfully unlocked her potential as a person and a professional, and is happy that she has delivered up to the expectations of her family, mentors, and management. Today, she remains a paragon of professionalism, lights up the shop with her charming smile and always has enthusiasm and a positive attitude at work.

Watch the video to find out why Olha values her work at the enterprise.