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Safety 8/29/2023 Read 5 min

Metinvest Polytechnic Held a Demo Training on Labor Protection at Zaporizhstal

Quality training should be in all matters related to production. After all, knowledge is the foundation of an effective and safe enterprise. Therefore, occupational health and safety training at Zaporizhstal is carried out systematically for different categories of employees - in training, at lectures, practically and theoretically, with checks and audits.

Last week, guests from the first non-state mining and metallurgical university Metinvest Polytechnic visited Zaporizhstal - occupational safety trainer Bohdan Tsybal, who conducted a demo training for Zaporizhstal employees on one of the TOP risks - "Rotating and moving mechanisms". 

The training lasted two days and covered several modules: "Assessment and management of occupational risks", "Practical implementation of safe methods of work organization" and practical tasks.

– Thanks to Zaporizhstal practical workers for participating in the demo version of the training. Together, for two days, we fruitfully worked on an important topic, analyzed examples of best practices in risk-oriented occupational health and safety management, held briefings and studied methods of protecting machines and mechanisms, participated in the implementation of practical tasks, - noted Bohdan TSYBAL, the occupational health and safety trainer of Metinvest Polytechnic. – Continuous updating of occupational health and safety knowledge is important for ensuring the safety and health of workers, compliance with legislation, assessment and management of occupational health and safety risks. I believe that analyzing the topic with the involvement of people who already have experience is a better synergy of theory and practice. All comments and suggestions will definitely be taken into account, because the main goal of such training is to form stable knowledge about safe methods and ways of organizing such work, which will have practical value for the health safety of Metinvest employees.

Zaporizhstal employees admit that such classes are still useful, because it is not always possible to refresh the memory of important points, discuss the issue and look at it with a fresh eye. But at the Steel Works, special treatment is given to such necessary measures, because the life and health of employees is a priority.

– Foremen, area supervisors, fitters, service technicians, etc. from the main units of the Steel Works underwent the demo training. That is, people who work directly in contact with moving and rotating mechanisms, manage risks and organize the work of other employees in workshop areas. As well as representatives of the Department of Occupational Safety, Industrial Safety and Ecology of Zaporizhstal - to understand "bottlenecks" during inspections and audits and to respond to potential risks in advance, added Oleksandr KONSTANTYNOV, the leading specialist of the Steel Works’ linear occupational safety control department.

Instead, Natalya VOLODCHENKOVA, head of the department of occupational safety and environmental protection at Metinvest Polytechnic, said why the idea of holding a demo version of the training "Risk-oriented approach to work with moving/rotating mechanisms" arose:

– The main task is the improvement and addition of specific features of safe performance of work at enterprises. In this sense, the opinion and experience of practical workers at Metinvest enterprises are extremely important when forming the program, since they are direct customers. During the demo training, we focused on the specific features that arise when performing production tasks. This will provide greater relevance and benefit, as well as take into account the features of existing equipment to improve practical material.

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