Modernization 3/7/2024 Read 3 min

Energy-Efficient Equipment Is Upgraded at Kamet Steel In Cooperation With YASNO Energy Efficiency


As part of an energy efficiency project, two new nitrogen compressors were installed in the oxygen compressor shop, with the previous equipment dismantled. The new equipment helped reduce electricity consumption by almost 50% in the first month alone, with savings of UAH 5.6 million in monetary terms. The planned annual savings will amount to about 29% of total energy costs.

The previous equipment did not provide the required nitrogen pressure, which, in turn, could have a negative impact on the production process in the BOF shop. To avoid potential risks and reduce the impact of the old equipment, TRE turbocompressors were selected to effectively meet the needs of the plant.

The project took less than a year to implement, from the development of the Inquiry Technical Specification and engineering to the launch of the new equipment. The savings in the first month alone exceeded expectations by almost 67%.

– Modern technologies in the energy saving system are an integral part of the efficient operation of a powerful metallurgical enterprise. We are improving production processes and, together with our reliable partners, systematically implementing energy-efficient solutions based on both successfully proven practices and new bold projects, – Kostiantyn FROLOV, Chief Power Engineer at Kamet Steel, said.




The new energy-efficient equipment halved electricity consumption in just the first month of operation.


– In the last five years alone, YASNO Energy Efficiency experts have implemented 13 energy efficiency projects. YASNO Energy Efficiency has become a reliable partner of Kamet Steel in energy efficiency. Our experts select and implement solutions that can significantly reduce energy consumption and save the plant's money in the shortest possible time, – Yevgen TARASIUK, Director of YASNO Energy Efficiency, says.