Modernization 8/11/2023 Read 4 min

Kamet-Steel is repairing turbo-blower No. 14


A long-term major overhaul of turbo-blower No.14 has begun in the Turbine Shop of Kamet-Steel Heat Power Plant. The function  of the unit is to provide a stable supply of blast air of the specified parameters to the blast furnaces of the enterprise.

To reduce turbo-blower downtime, the backup rotor is restored without withdrawal of the unit from operation. Namely, they replace the blades - metal plates that convert the power of the expanded gas into mechanical work on the production of electricity. Most of them have lost their shape or corroded due to the continuous operation of the machine. The rotor housing seal will also be replaced. 

After that, they will carry out inspection and repair of the auxiliary equipment, namely capacitors, pumping equipment, shut-off valves, regeneration system, etc.   It is also planed to restore ejectors that ensure the removal of air from the water chambers when the capacitor is started. 


Serhii Podolskyi, Heat Power Plant Turbine Shop Chief:

From the major overhaul, we expect, foremost, a significant reduction in the specific consumption of steam for electricity production, which will save high-cost natural gas. Moreover, the unit's production capacity  will increase to its nameplate capacity, which is a guarantee of stable operation of blast furnaces of the enterprise. We work for the sake of Victory! 

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