Modernization 1/5/2023 Read 3 min

Nitrogen compressing unit is being repaired at Kamet Steel

In Compressed Oxygen Shop A major overhaul of KTK-12.5/35 compressor, which compresses (prepares and compresses) nitrogen gas used in steelmaking, has started in Compressed Oxygen Shop of Kamet Steel.

Dmytro Chumak, COS Senior Foreman, noted that main objective of major overhaul is to improve the reliability, operational safety, trouble-free operation and efficiency of compressor, providing compressed nitrogen for steelmaking. 

– To maintain the compressor in proper technical condition without emergency shutdowns, it is required to timely carry out major overhaul  – every 6000 hours of operation, – adds the specialist.

Nitrogen compressing in COS is carried out by three compressors, КТК №6 compressor is currently undergoing major overhaul. The repair specialists are tasked with complete disassembly of the unit, restoration of the main equipment and, if necessary, replacement of worn out parts and components with new ones. Lubrication and cooling system will be completely repaired as well, and compressor motor will be replaced.

Major overhaul will reduce power consumption by 10 kWh, which is especially important in the period of energy shortage due to massive shelling.  And due to repair of valves and the flow part of the compressor, power engineers of the COS will be able to increase the productivity of the unit to the level of passport data – to reach 12.5 thousand cubic meters of compressed nitrogen per hour