Modernization 1/8/2024 Read 4 min

Metinvest's Сentral Iron Ore Enrichment Works Upgrading Special Equipment


After a major overhaul, an LS-27 dredger has been put in operation in the sludge management shop at Central Iron Ore Enrichment Works. 

A floating suction dredger plays an important role in dredging operations. It is continuously involved in the process of cleaning the emergency tank of the Sludge Management Shop from sludge that comes from the beneficiation plant and maintaining the optimum water level in it. So, to extend the service life and ensure stable operation of the equipment, the specialists have not only overhauled the dredger but also improved its design. 

The machine and its components are large, with the length of the floating base alone being 18 metres. Therefore, the assembly of the equipment components had to be carried out directly on the premises of the shop. A comprehensive approach was adopted. The design documentation was developed by experts from Metinvest Sichsteel and the main components and parts were manufactured by ZCMW's professionals. Prior to the overhaul, special access roads were built using a special drainage system and a 30×40 metre repair site.

In the course of the overhaul, a new floating base, i.e. the dreger's supporting part that houses the main process equipment, was installed. The machine was equipped with a new boom and a lifting frame with a suction pipe. All electrical equipment was also replaced. One of the key initiatives was to supply safe voltage to the equipment control panel to ensure safe working conditions for the operator. In addition, thanks to new sensors, automatic monitoring of water ingress in holds was implemented to ensure early detection of possible problems and to help avoid emergencies.

Additionally, the operator's workplace was equipped. The cabin now has a new control panel, six surveillance cameras and amenities such as an anti-vibration chair, a room for eating and relaxing, a refrigerator, air conditioning, and a microwave.