Modernization 1/19/2022 Read 4 min

Azovstal Blast Furnace Process Stage Upgrading Is Being Carried Out Non-Stop

The hot stove #11 - Blast Furnace #3 BIS - was commissioned after a major overhaul at Blast Furnace Shop of Azovstal. Works on the hot stove #12 - Blast Furnace #4 BIS - continue.The units upgrade will make it possible to increase the hot blast temperature, reduce coke consumption and decrease CO emissions to the atmosphere. Investments in the equipment revamping will amount to approximately USD 7 mln.

The repairs of the two hot stoves in Blast Furnace Shop of Azovstal started in February, 2021 with air cooling of the lining thereof.After that maintenance teams of METINVEST-PROMSERVICE proceeded to replace equipment under the checkerwork and end plates.

The cone on blast stove #11 - Blast Furnace #3 (BF #3) BIS -was relined, refractory material of the radial walls was relined in 510 lines, combustion chamber - 500 lines, checkers - 473 lines.After these works were performed, the shop mechanical service prepared the hot stove for a start.During January the unit will be heated up to reach the working temperature.

In the course of the major ovehaul the hot stove checker was upgraded along with changing the diameter thereof, which made it possible to increase the unit power capacity and the hot blast temperature by 60 °С. This is an important indicator for production efficiency.

— Andrey MARUSHIN, the Blast Furnace #3 gasman. 

The major overhaul at the hot stove #12 - Blast Furnace No.4 BIS- continues.Specialists perform the similar list of works, as at the hot stove #11 - BIS - lining of refractory material of the radial walls, combustion chamber, checker.After that the cone will be lined.All refractory lining is arranged for completion in March. After that the hot stove will be decommissioned for heating up for a month.

«Similar activities will help increase the hot blast temperature to the value of 1200°С, and therefore increase the efficiency by decreasing the coke consumption. According to our calculations the savings will amount to about UAH 300 ths per day. Furthermore, CO emissions to the atmosphere will decrease in line with the requirements of European rules», – emphasized Yuriy VISHIMIRSKY, the BF #4 of Azovstal gasman.