Comfort of employees 2/26/2024 Read 4 min

Metinvest Improves Transportation for Kamet Steel's Employees


Taking care of employees, even in difficult times of war, is among Metinvest Group's priorities. Kamet Steel has improved the quality of passenger transportation for its employees. A new contractor, "Avtobus-DNIPRO", has been providing such services at the enterprise since January.

The carrier has taken on a challenging task, as the company's employees are transported along 13 routes, with buses covering more than 500 km daily. The total passenger traffic on all routes is 60,000 people per month.

"A lot of work has been done in this short period of time. It was not smooth sailing from the get-go, it took some time for the carrier to adapt to the routes. However, the persistent efforts made by the Road Transport Department in cooperation with the new contractor have already yielded some results. Every day, we see the plant's employees travelling in comfortable buses from remote areas of the city and neighbouring settlements to the plant's gates and on its territory. Taking into account the suggestions and comments of our employees, we will continue to cooperate with the carrier for better results," said Oleksandr KOVALENKO, Deputy Director of Transport.

Recently, the new contractor's work and transportation conditions were inspected by Maksym TYSCHENKO, Head of the Social Infrastructure Department at Metinvest Group:

 The company's enterprises are working systematically to improve the working and living conditions of employees  from transportation to and from work to comfort and convenience in their amenities. Despite the military, economic and logistical challenges, we continue to invest in our social commitments. Now we see decent transportation conditions  the buses are in good condition, the cabins are warm and clean. We hope that passengers will value the order in buses to further use this transport with comfort.