Comfort of employees 1/19/2024 Read 4 min

Metinvest's GOKs in Kryvyi Rih Take Care of Proper Maintenance of Protective Shelters


Metinvest's Northern, Central and Ingulets GOKs have prepared over 50 shelters, which are used to protect employees and civilians from the dangers of military operations.

For almost two years now, the issue of having a reliable shelter nearby has been of vital importance to Ukrainians. Since the first days of the full-scale war, civil protection facilities located on the territory of Metinvest's enterprises in Kryvyi Rih have been fully equipped with everything necessary for people to stay in them. Each shelter has assigned employees who are responsible for the maintenance and stocking of the facilities. In accordance with the requirements, all protective shelters have main and emergency exits with doors and working locking devices. All premises are equipped with ventilation systems, technical water supply and sewerage, and are electrified.

The shelters are equipped with telephone connections, and some have Internet access points. During air raid alerts, people can safely stay in rooms with the necessary furniture and heating with electric heaters and stoves. To comply with fire safety regulations, the shelters are equipped with fire shields and fire hydrants. Each shelter has a sufficient supply of long-term food and bottled drinking water. There are also the necessary household appliances for cooking and eating. First aid kits and personal protective equipment are also available.

Today, protective shelters have become an integral part of the work process at enterprises. Staying in them during missile and UAV attacks is mandatory for employees. For example, to ensure uninterrupted operations, Central GOK introduced remote control of pelletising plant equipment from a shelter. At all enterprises, underground facilities were actively used for first aid training. The safe rooms are also used for staff training and even for celebrations of professional holidays. If necessary, they can be used not only by employees of the plants but also by local residents. In total, up to 5,600 people can be in the shelters of Northern GOK at a time, 4,300 people at Central GOK and the same number in the shelters of InGOK.