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Children of Metinvest Pokrovskcoal's Employees Underwent Psychological Rehabilitation in Summer


As part of Metinvest Group's Saving Lives humanitarian initiative and psychological rehabilitation programme "Strong Generation Camp – Future", children of Metinvest Pokrovskcoal's employees went to one of the best recreational centres in the Carpathians this summer. 

Children of Metinvest's employees mobilised to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and internally displaced employees from all of the company's Ukrainian businesses, as well as children who lost their loved ones in the war, took part in the psychological recovery and rehabilitation programme. In total, more than 400 children visited the Carpathians this summer.

Each of the three sessions lasted two weeks. During this time, the children not only took part in quests and trainings, but also underwent psychological rehabilitation. In addition, nature itself contributed to the positive emotional state of the young guests.

The children went to the Synevyr Lake recreational complex, located at an altitude of 818 m above sea level in the Synevyr National Nature Park next to the largest natural lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians of the same name. The entire territory of the complex is located in a spruce forest, adjacent to a river. This combination of the beautiful natural landscape and the pristine nature of Zakarpattia with an interesting active programme and a professional team created ideal conditions for rebooting the psychological state and improving children's health. The kids returned home with positive impressions. This could be seen with the naked eye from the happy smiles with which they hurried to their families to meet them.



– We were offered the opportunity to send Milana and Kseniia for rehabilitation by Colliery "Pokrovs'ke", where my husband Serhii worked. He is now defending our country. Although the girls are 10 and 13 years old, they have never been to the Carpathians. So my husband and I decided to send the girls to get some fresh air, get some positive emotions, and just relax. We are very grateful for this offer, because the children came home with pleasant impressions and made new friends, and we now have one more favourite dish in our house - Zakarpattia bograch.




41 children of Metinvest Pokrovskcoal's employees visited one of the best recreational centres in the Carpathians during the summer



– I would like to thank Metinvest and Colliery "Pokrovs'ke" for not leaving us alone with our grief and taking care of the families of the miners who died in the war. In particular, they take care of children's health. Danylo was happy to go on the trip. Even though we were more than a thousand kilometres apart, I always felt close to him thanks to constant communication in the chat group for parents and had the opportunity to see what my child was doing. The leisure programme was busy: hiking, quests and creative activities kept the children busy. My child liked everything and if he had the opportunity to go there again, he would gladly do so.


- I went to the Carpathians with my younger sister Ilona. I liked everything so much that I had no time to miss my home. We took part in theatre performances, made creative crafts, and especially enjoyed hiking. Thanks to the latter, we could see the magnificent landscapes of Zakarpattia nature with your own eyes. I thank for a busy summer holiday and a lot of pleasant impressions.