Metinvest Polytechnic 3/14/2024 Read 5 min

Roadmap for applicants to Metinvest Polytechnic: registration for NMT starts


Metinvest Polytechnic has announced admission to 16 bachelor's and 18 master's programmes. For bachelors, registration for the national multi-subject test, which will begin on 14 March, is a prerequisite. The university's Admissions Committee explained how to register for the multi-subject test and the application procedure in detail.

Alina Kumacheva, Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee of Metinvest Polytechnic, noted that the creation of an electronic account is a prerequisite for admission.

The deadlines have already been set: registration will start on 14 March at 9:00 a.m. and will last until 11 April inclusive.

How to register for National Multi-subject Test-2024 - step-by-step instructions

The Admissions Committee explained all the details of the procedure. To register for the NMT, applicants need to create a personal account using a special service. In addition to your full name, you should also add information about your taxpayer registration number, date of birth, and identity document details.

The first step in your personal account is to enter your registration details and choose a subject of your choice from the proposed lists. You also need to decide in which location in Ukraine or abroad you will take the NMT. You also need to specify the language of the certification subjects.

The second step in registering for the NMT-2024 is to upload scanned copies and/or photocopies of your documents. After that, the entered information and online documents are sent for processing to the regional centre for education quality assessment.

The third step of the registration process requires applicants to indicate their category and send a copy of a document confirming their education. This may be a certificate from the place of study confirming that the person is completing a full general secondary education in 2024 (for this year's graduates) or a certificate of full general secondary education (for graduates of previous years).

– For example, if you are in the 3rd or 4th year of college but already have an education document, choose the category "graduate of previous years" and upload a scan or photocopy of your education certificate in the appropriate field, – the Metinvest Polytechnic Admissions Committee explains.

After submitting your registration data and documents for processing, you should review the information in your personal account.

You can correct and resubmit everything for verification to the regional centre until 15 April. For example, changes can be made to the subject of choice, location in Ukraine or abroad. You can also send information about the need to take the NMT during additional sessions.

Read more about registration for NMT-2024 here. For more information about educational programmes and admission details, please contact the Metinvest Polytechnic Admissions Committee by phone +38(095) 070-06-37 or by sending a request to