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Psychologists "Metinvest Together" have provided almost 3400 consultations for employees and their families.

The full-scale war in Ukraine continues. It seems that anxiety and tension, depression, and chronic fatigue have now become the constant "companions" of Ukrainians. Those who have lost their main support - a loved one or home forever - feel even worse.

In such a complex environment, in addition to the basic need for safety, it is important to take care of your mental health. Psychologists of the unique "Metinvest - together!" service, which the company launched at the beginning of a full-scale invasion in cooperation with the Wellbeing Company, help with this. Both employees and their family members can consult the specialists, therefore the service has not lost its popularity for more than a year. 


I liked the specialist. Just super! I would like to continue working with him/her. During the war, the help of a psychologist is invaluable.  I am glad that there is a service like yours in Ukraine,

said a client of "Metinvest - together!"

During the entire period of operation of "Metinvest - together!" psychologists provided 3,381 individual and group consultations. Most often, women ask for help. But in March, the number of applications among men increased by about 6%. 35% of the consultations were conducted by specialists just for them. Requests from servicemen and demobilized persons appeared. 

As for age, people in the 31-40 and 41-50 age categories prevail. At the same time, psychologists consult teenagers and children.

In most cases, 5-10 individual consultations with a psychologist are enough for clients to improve their condition, but if a person feels that more is needed, it is not a problem. Some users of the service "Metinvest - together!" undergoing long-term psychotherapy since the start of the full-scale war.




From March 2022 to April 2023, specialists provided 3,381 consultations. For the second month in a row, a record was set for the number of consultations: March 293 - April 317


In addition to individual consultations, Metinvest employees and their families also have access to group online meetings "Strong Together!" and webinars with specialists. Thus, they can feel that they are not alone face to face with their problems. Qualified specialists and colleagues who also face psychological difficulties during the war will always help.




People are primarily interested in overcoming anxiety, life balance, self-discovery, child-parent, and interpersonal relationships. Service psychologists are highly qualified and can work with any emotional state.


At one of the webinars named "Mental stability in the conditions of war. Strength to act" service clients learned about effective tools that help fight apathy, feelings of confusion, and uncertainty, understood where and how to find strength to continue living and work.

How to get out of the Postponed Life Syndrome: psychologist's advice

◾ Avoid deadlines and do not believe when they say that everything will be over in "2-3 weeks".

◾ Respond to events in your life, not just react.

◾ Find value in your life and try to enjoy it.

◾ Get a foothold: breathe, see, hear, and feel.

- Someday, you will find a mask from the pandemic time, and you will smile sadly while fixing an armour vest - especially those who are trying to wait for real life. However, our life is what is happening now - stressed social psychologist Ilya BACHURIN during the webinar.

Group classes and webinars create safety and comfort area, where fears, insecurities, irritation, aggression, misunderstandings, and other problems that concern the participants are worked out in a friendly atmosphere.




Group and individual consultations with service psychologists help not only to balance mental health. It is also building environmental relations with colleagues and family, increasing performance, as well as faith in the future.


In addition, within the service, calls are practised to employees who are more exposed to military factors than others. Among them are displaced persons, demobilized servicemen, and employees who did not evacuate and continue to work in the most dangerous regions. During the conversation, people receive the support of qualified specialists, and if necessary, they can contact the service again.

Every employee of Metinvest and his/her relatives has the opportunity to receive free psychological consultations from experts. The support is available seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. by hotline 0 800 600 170 or via messenger.

For more information on the "Metinvest Together" service, please visit the company's intranet portal.