Modernization 4/16/2024 Read 4 min

Metinvest Central GOK performs important repairs of beneficiation equipment

To increase equipment efficiency, Metinvest Central GOK have completed the full replacement of the main mill's synchronous motor support frame at the Ore Beneficiation Plant.

Central GOK's Ore Beneficiation Plant always takes responsibility for the implementation of the production programme and closely monitors the condition of its process equipment. After all, the high quality of the concentrate produced is a top priority for Central GOK's specialists. Therefore, to ensure the stability and efficiency of the production process, each area of the equipment operation is carefully monitored and adjusted by specialists. Recently, specialists have repaired the equipment of the main mill, which grinds iron ore at the initial stage of concentrate production and is a key component of the concentration production process.

Because of frequent forced start-ups and shutdowns, the equipment's structure was damaged and the motor was misaligned when it was switched on. To avoid emergency shutdowns and ensure stable long-term operation of the equipment, the specialists completely replaced the support frame of the main mill's synchronous motor and repoured the concrete foundation.

The specialists from the Reliability and Diagnostics Department of the Central GOK made a significant contribution to the project implementation. They aligned the synchronous motor with the mill drive using a laser alignment device. This made it possible to achieve the most accurate installation of the equipment without the slightest deviation. The specialists completed all the repairs in 176 hours. The plant's beneficiation equipment is now operating trouble-free.