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Breaking News 3/20/2022 Read 4 min

Metinvest Works with Its Partners to Launch the Production of Mini-bastions for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defence Forces

Metinvest Group, together with AV Metal Group and the TRN Plant for Platform Gratings, has begun to manufacture bastions for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defence forces.

A bastion is a modern barrier structure, a type of gabion used as a simple fortification. Within the boundaries of cities, it is used to create firing positions, checkpoints and protective barriers. In open areas, it helps to quickly protect tents and close off equipment and ammunition depots.

Metinvest has provided 20 tonnes of wire rod for the manufacture of bastions, and the manufacturers have developed technical plans, prepared and tested samples of the bastions and are ready to produce the protective structures for the needs of the army and territorial defence forces, free of charge or at the cost of the materials.




A bastion is a temporary or semi-stationary fortification, a barrier against explosions or small arms. The design of the mobile bastion is based on a wire frame made of mesh and a universal bag-container, which is filled with sand or soil using a loader. Unlike sandbags, a bastion can be deployed over several hundred meters in length and prepared for filling within minutes. 


Metinvest Group has already allocated EUR 10 million for the purchase of protective equipment for the territorial defence forces. This money will be used to purchase armoured vests, helmets and first-aid kits. The first batch of around 3,000 bulletproof vests and 500 first-aid kits is already on the way to Ukraine.

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