CSR 5/17/2023 Read 5 min

Metinvest purchased social transport for Gleyuvatska Community in Kryvyi Rih

A modern Ford minibus, purchased with the assistance of Northern and Central GOKs has been helping the residents of Gleyuvatska Community since the early days of a full-scale invasion. The vehicle is used to solve domestic and humanitarian issues.

The administration and residents of Gleyuvatska Community has taken a clear position since the early days of a full-scale war: continue to live and work for the good of the country, help Ukrainians who are in difficult situation and support defenders. To work in all these areas, they needed their own social transport, thanks to which the issues of mobility and time saving have been resolved. 

It was this bus that went to the defenders' locations in the first days of the war to give them food, hygiene products and warm clothes. Also, six trips to the blood donation point were organised so that everyone could join and donate necessary blood for military personnel and civilians who were injured because of shelling.

The vehicle comes in handy for receiving humanitarian supplies from the Saving Lives project - it picks up packages at the humanitarian hub of the Central GOK and delivers them to the villages of the community. 

"We received the vehicle from Metinvest's GOKs in Kryvyi Rih as part of a memorandum of cooperation even before the war. Gleyuvatska community includes 19 villages, so the vehicle was really necessary for the transportation of residents, schoolchildren and preschoolers. We planned to organise outdoor cultural activities, however, February 2022 slightly adjusted our plans. Today, despite the war, we continue to live, work, help each other and are very glad that we have such a vehicle,” said Dmytro Gureyev, the first deputy of Gleyuvatsky village head.

The vehicle of the Gleyuvatsky village council also transported athletes to regional mini-football, football, volleyball competitions, as well as children and teachers - participants of the All-Ukrainian school Olympiads. 

It's worth reminding  that Metinvest regularly supports Gleyuvatska Community. Earlier, with the support of Metinvest enterprises, a sports hall was equipped in a preschool educational institution in the village of Gleyuvatka, the facade of a primary school in the village of Shevchenkivske was overhauled, a new police station was opened, and a car was purchased for the sheriff of the community. Also, in cooperation with Northern GOK, in the village of Shevchenkivske, the reconstruction of a modern outpatient clinic was completed, which has been treating patients from the six villages Starostynsky district since January of this year. The implementation of projects in community is coordinated by the public organisation "Kryvyi Rih Foundation of the Future".