Aid to fighters 8/29/2022 Read 3 min

Metinvest Supplies Almost Half a Million Litres of Fuel for Army

Various units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defence Forces have received almost half a million litres of fuel from Metinvest businesses since the outbreak of the war.

Ukrainian soldiers continue to defend the country’s borders, cities, towns and villages from Russia’s invasion. Our defenders make it possible for the Group’s companies to operate where it is relatively safe, enabling them to pay taxes and support the national economy in these challenging times for the country. Helping the military is one of the focus areas of Metinvest’s Steel Front. 

For example, Metinvest’s businesses have been donating fuel for vehicles and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defence Forces. Since the outbreak of the war, defenders in various cities where the company operates have received close to half a million litres of fuel. This is substantial support for the military, especially amid the severe market shortage in the first months of the war. The Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion forced Ukraine to switch to new suppliers of oil and oil products at that time. 

“Our defenders have a burning desire in their hearts to win and clear the enemy out of Ukraine. We have made sure that the vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have full tanks. Mobility, manoeuvrability and the ability to be one step ahead of the enemy are essential in this war. That is why we also donate high-tech drones and thermal imaging systems to the military. Everyone is fighting their own battle now. Defenders are fighting for Ukraine’s independence on the front line, while steelmakers, miners and technicians are working to support the economy on the Steel Front,” said Metinvest CEO Yuriy RYZHENKOV.

As a reminder, the Group has contributed more than UAH1.9 million in aid for Ukraine and its people. For more details about Metinvest’s support of the military and Rinat Akhmetov Steel Front military initiative, see the publication dedicated to Independence Day.

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