Aid to fighters 5/23/2022 Read 5 min

Metinvest delivers drones, helmets and night vision devices to Ukraine’s defenders

Rinat Akhmetov and Vadym Novinskyi's Metinvest Group delivered another shipment of aid to the Ukrainian Army. This time the country’s defenders received more than 60 drones and 50 sets of night vision devices and special helmets worth a total of UAH 10 million.

The skill of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defence Forces in the confrontation with the Russian Federation will be a textbook example of military victory. However, before this war can go down as part of Ukraine's great history, it must be won. That is why Metinvest Group is doing everything possible to bring the day of victory closer. In particular, it is working systematically to  provide our defenders with modern ammunition, tactical devices, and reliable personal protection equipment. 

Recently, the Army received another delivery of aid from Metinvest. This time more than 60 drones and 50 night vision devices will be sent to the front, complete with special helmets that have a mount for a thermal imager. This equipment will significantly increase the tactical superiority of our defenders in the fight against the Russian invaders

“Modern, armed conflicts are conducted not only during daylight, it is very important that our enemy does not rest at night. Therefore, night combat equipment is extremely important for our people on the front line. Moreover, unmanned aerial vehicles will allow us to provide ‘eyes in the sky’  for our units on the battlefield. We are grateful for the help provided to us,” said Ruslan SUKHOV, lieutenant colonel, Officer of the Aviation Armament Operations Department of the Logistics Command, Army Command.

In addition to individual use by soldiers during night operations, the devices can be operated on a constant basis, as they can capture human movement at a distance of 1,700 metres.

 “Our current aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Army command, consists of a shipment of more than 60 drones and 50 night vision devices with special helmets for a total amount of UAH 10 million. This assistance was provided by Rinat Akhmetov and Vadym Novinskyi's Metinvest Group. There was a request for this help. It is extremely important now due to the difficult situation on the front. Our military desperately needs ‘eyes’, and these drones help them to see the front line in order to respond quickly to enemy actions. We have been cooperating with Metinvest for many years. The supply of UAVs, tourniquets, and protective equipment is still ahead. Therefore, we will continue to support our Armed Forces to protect our motherland,” said the adviser to the head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh MATVIENKO

A reminder that Metinvest Group recently delivered 1,000 sets of special-purpose ammunition to the Defence Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. The cost of the equipment provided amounted to US$2.5 million. The Group is also supplying more than 100,000 bulletproof vests for the Ukrainian military. This quantity covers a significant share of the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the conscripted employees of Metinvest.

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