Modernization 1/12/2022 Read 4 min

Metinvest Invests in Environmental Modernization of MMKI Blast Furnaces

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol of Metinvest Group continuous environmental modernization of blast-furnace shop. Blast furnace #4 was shut down for a major overhaul and reconstruction of gas-cleaning systems. Construction of new aspiration systems is in progress. The company's investments into the project amounted to $27 million.

Large-scale environmental modernization at Ilyich Iron and Steel Works began in 2019. During this period, Metinvest Group allocated about $100 million for the construction of modern gas-cleaning plants. The new filtration system has proven to be effective at BF #3 and BF #5, which were built from scratch and connected to the facilities - emission rate in the form of solid dust particles from casthouses and furnaces stock houses has been significantly reduced. 

A similar gas cleaning system is currently being built at blast furnace #4. The infrastructure was dismantled and relocated, the foundation was laid for power supply facilities.  Construction of foundations for filters and metal structures erection are in progress. The general contractor is Metinvest Engineering.

Roman YURCHENKO, Metinvest Engineering Project Manager for construction of aspiration systems, informed: “Installation of foundations for both sites was already completed, works on installation of metal structures for both supporting and main gas ducts for extraction of exhaust gases are in progress. Works on installation of filters has been started".

Project implementation will allow effective capture and purification of air-coal mixture flow, formed while performing technological operations.

After launch of the new gas cleaning equipment, level of dust emissions from the casthouse and stock houses of blast furnace #4 will be reduced. Dust concentration in cleaned gas will be significantly below the values approved by the applicable legislation of Ukraine.

— Vladimir KOLODOCHKA, Head of Environmental Protection Department of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works.

In parallel with the construction of gas cleaning plants, the major overhaul of blast furnace #4 is in progress. It is planned to finish it in the first quarter of the current year. The next stage is connection of all engineering structures into a single system and commissioning phase.