Metinvest's Cars 11/24/2021 Read 3 min

Central COK Buys Modern Road Construction Machinery

Central GOK put into operation a new universal MAZ truck for plowing snow in winter and spraying water on the streets in summer. Metinvest Group invested UAH 2.7 billion in the specialized machinery.

The truck is equipped with a 10 m3 spreader for bulk materials and a shovel of 2.5 m in width, which is almost the width of a road lane. In winter, the MAZ truck will be used to fight icy roads and snow on the plant and municipal roads. In summer, a 12 m3 tank will be mounted on the truck to sprinkle water on the roads. 

The MAZ truck has an engine of 227 horsepower that is fully Euro-5 compliant. It is equipped with a nine-speed mechanical gearbox. The automated control allows the driver to change operation modes without becoming distracted from driving. The cabin has a heating system and a comfortable air suspension chair. Wide-angle mirrors increase the field of view. Flashing beacons are installed for safe traffic on the roads and at industrial sites.

As a reminder, Metinvest Group purchased an Otokar Territo U bus on the 60th anniversary of Central GOK for transportation of workers.