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Southern GOK Is Operating under Wartime Conditions

Southern GOK has been restructured to work under wartime conditions. The plant is delivering on its March plan for the production of iron ore concentrate. The production facilities are being provided with electricity, fuels and lubricants and consumables

The ore department of Southern GOK is working smoothly. On 16 March, a controlled mass explosion was carried out in the open pit mine, the first since the beginning of the war. The volume of the rock mass prepared for excavation is 350,000 cubic metres.

Southern GOK is continuing the reconstruction of technological sections No. 9-10 of ore beneficiation plant No. 2. At the end of February, specialist workers completed the first stage of the dismantling works in the enrichment building. During March, the contractor has been building a vacuum pumping station.

At the end of February, there was a shortage of fuel, grinding balls for mills, and filtration fabric at Southern GOK. Difficulties arose due to the disruption of logistics from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Mariupol. At the moment, the supply of goods necessary for production is gradually resuming. Iron ore concentrate produced at Southern GOK is being shipped by rail to Europe. Meanwhile, the shipment of merchant products to Asia and North Africa has been suspended. The problem is related to the blockade of the Black Sea by the Russian Navy.

Southern GOK continues to function resolutely under wartime conditions. Primarily, this is the result of the cohesion of the entire team. Each employee is fully aware that the future of the plant depends on their work today. I am proud of this team of like-minded people and I am sure that, with our work, we are bringing the victory of Ukraine over the enemy closer every day.

— Kostyantin FEDIN, General Director of Southern GOK.

Despite a strict money saving regime, Southern GOK is paying employee salaries in full. Staff have received the first portion of their salaries for the days worked since the beginning of March. The money was paid into to the bank accounts of the workers within the period of time established by Ukrainian legislation.

Southern GOK is continuing the carry out the professional training of its employees. Training sessions are held for drilling rig operators, filter operators, conveyor operators and other professions. Educational courses are being delivered by trainers from the company's personnel training and development department.

Southern GOK’s amenities for employees are also still functioning. All of the corporate canteens and cafeterias are continuing to operate. Corporate buses are bringing employees from their homes to the enterprise from all districts of Kryvyi Rih.

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