Breaking News 3/23/2022 Read 5 min

Metinvest and Other SCM Businesses Deploy the “Logistics Front of Ukraine”

Metinvest Group, together with other businesses of Rinat Akhmetov, is creating a logistics network to distribute goods, particularly humanitarian aid, to different parts of Ukraine during the war. The Group is encouraging carriers to join the network as partners.

The purpose of the new network is to help people and cities affected by Russian aggression, deliver essential products and support critical infrastructure. 

To be victorious, Ukraine’s will need to restore logistics routes, both domestically and internationally. Metinvest, UMG, DTEK and other SCM businesses have joined forces to create a national and international network of carriers, the “Logistics Front of Ukraine”. It is based on the platform, a crisis logistics centre that matches drivers with emergency requirements by uniting dozens of transport companies and organisations specialising in different areas. They all have one common goal: to help people and cities that are now suffering.

These joint efforts are creating a single logistics coordination centre that will transport various cargos from Europe to Ukraine and within the country. It will interact with the Red Cross, the Come Back Alive Foundation and volunteers coordinating humanitarian goods for Ukraine under the UN. Other large companies in Ukraine and globally are joining the unified logistics network. 

We are inviting partners to support the mission and deliver essential supplies. Our soldiers are now defending Ukraine against Russian invaders. Drivers can help those who have had to leave their homes, are suffering and need support to ensure an uninterrupted supply of necessary goods, food and medicine.

We are looking for transport companies and drivers with their own large-capacity vehicles: we need refrigerators, tanks and trucks. We are also looking for drivers with class C and D licences. In addition, our goal is to help with evacuating people, so we need buses and drivers with their own cars to evacuate through the “humanitarian corridors”

We note that this is work, not volunteering. With each company, vehicle owner or driver, we will sign a contract.

If you would like to contribute to victory and join the “Logistics Front of Ukraine”, please complete an application form. Together, we will support medical and social institutions, utilities, the army, territorial defence forces and all people who need food, water and shelter.

The application form is available.

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