Event 6/6/2024 Read 2 min

Metinvest – 18. Address of Yuriy Ryzhenkov

Dear Friends,

Metinvest Group is 18 years old. I don't know of any other modern, global company that has overcome so many challenges and gone through so many ordeals during its existence. In 2014, the war came to our home. Still, we continued to work, create new things, and produce the steel that was used to build incredible skyscrapers, stadiums and bridges.

But the full-scale war was the greatest blow to Metinvest and the whole country.

At the end of 2022, we all hoped that “victory was near”. In 2023, we thought that “we needed to hold out for the summer, another six months”, and in 2024, we realised that the war could last indefinitely. We are in the epicentre of a complex and unpredictable situation, in the epicentre of a historic moment.

At the same time, we have developed the firm belief that the most important thing is to move forward. To support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians. To work. To remain resilient, to be a pillar and to ensure economic stability.

Each of our employees who is defending Ukraine in the defence forces or working in production is contributing to the future victory. Metinvest remains the largest private partner of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are helping to protect our cities, constructing fortifications and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of our enterprises.

Despite the war, we care about the future. Metinvest has taken two important steps. The first is towards a “green” transformation, which will begin with our new plant in Italy that will receive supplies of Ukrainian ore. The second one — preparing for the return of veterans, whose numbers at our enterprises will be increasing.

Although I don't know “when the war will end”, I can clearly answer the question: “Are you confident in the future of the Group?” Yes, 100%. Thanks to the people who keep the Ukrainian heart of steel beating.

Happy 18th anniversary, Metinvest! Glory to Ukraine!