Breaking News 3/10/2022 Read 5 min

Avdiivka Coke Plant: the Goal Is Survival

As a result of the fighting and the impossible logistical situation, Avdiivka Coke Plant was forced to switch Coke Shops #3 and #4, as well as the second chemical wing (coal preparation and recovery), to conservation mode.

Coke plant No. 1 and Coke battery No. 6 of the second coke plant continue to operate to ensure the production of coke oven gas to heat the furnaces of all the plants. Coke oven gas is also sent to a thermal power plant, where electricity is generated for production purposes. However, due to gas shortages, production was reduced to 6-6.5 megawatts per hour. In addition, despite all of these difficulties, Avdiivka Coke continues to provide heating for the city.

The staff are working to ensure that production continues at the existing shops and are overseeing the conservation of shops that have been forced to switch to downtime. They are working to protect the integrity of the masonry and carrying out the maintenance of the furnace facilities and equipment. Some employees are continuing to work on a daily schedule of 22 to 24 hours. Technical experts are also working in shifts to ensure the preservation of the mothballed equipment. A portion of the administrative staff are working remotely. 

The safety of workers is being provided for by seven shelters with a total capacity for 2,500 people. As about 700 factory employees are currently working in shifts, there are enough places for everyone. The warehouses have generators, first aid kits, drinking water and food. 

The Group has had problems with the supply of fresh water. Currently, Avdiivka Coke is fed from bio ponds, factory storage tanks and wells.

Metinvest Group is doing everything possible to support the Group's employees and salaries and benefits continue to be paid.